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Computer System
Design - Repair - Restoration

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General and specialist repairs,
 vintage computer restoration and renovation.

Parts, kits and devices. Coming soon.


Design and research projects focusing on the computer and automotive industry.

* We are not accepting repair requests at this time, but we are happy to offer advice via our messaging service.

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The following photos showcase the best of our past and ongoing projects.


What Is CMOSS?


CMOSS Electronics is a startup specialising in the design, repair, and restoration of vintage computer systems.

The team consists of computer engineering students with a deep interest in electronic design. Among us we  have experience in the automotive industry, robotics and more.

While our work focuses primarily on the repair of vintage computer and auto-electrical products, we aim to expand into all things computers, mechatronics, or any other interesting specialist systems.

As students, we are keen to show you the real-world applications of what we've learnt, and how they relate to our passion projects.

We hope this will benefit those who share our interest in computer systems, as well as anyone who wishes to gain an insight into the industry.



*We are currently focusing on growing our platform with the aim of being fully operational in the coming months.


The projects we show on this site are inspired by our personal interests, studies and industry experience.

We thrive on challenge. Commonly, we prioritise the problems that leave us asking more questions rather than finding a solution straight away. These projects are invovled, inspire growth, and most importantly, they're a lot of fun!


My personaly philosophy is that oftentimes, if your project is not pursuing something that no one else is, it might not be worth your time. We hope to create a community of people that are inspired by this view and work together to find unique solutions to difficult problems. 

In the future, we wish to build a social platform for our members - somewhere people can seek advice, learn tips and meet others who are passionate about tech! Indsutry-focused experience has never been more important for students entering the workforce, so we would also love to use this platform as a resource to find volunteering opportunities.


Throughout doing research on projects, especially that with vintage tech where information is sparse, a forum is a go-to place to ask questions. The problem with forms is that a lot of the time it has people that would rather give opinions, to criticize or generally do anything but give the solution for there own gain of ego.


Forums may also kick members out for asking repeated questions, with members being happy enough to point that out rather than give help, or notice that no one gave help on those pages either. To us, an unanswered question is one that needs helping the most, than something that can be quickly googled.

With the CMOSS forum, we hope to create a network of experienced hobbyists and professionals that help bring a solution, where possible, for the most uncommon or complex of jobs, and stick to the task in question. To build a forum to help answer the questions that were thought to be impossible to solve.

At CMOSS it is very common to work on a job where you have to get specific things to work together, for example, a newer electrical system to integrate with a vintage system of a car. In these cases, the option isn't as simple as "get a newer car", where that would defeat the whole aspect of the job. In these situations, you have to use your head to create a working, reliable and suitable solution. These are the kind of solutions that this site is intended for.

We are of a generation who have grown up with people showing off interesting projects online, through that being a personal idea or work-related. Companies all over the world are trying to take the slice of that pie, trying to introduce their work on those popular platforms, with mixed success. We believe that for a company like ours, this is where it should start, and become the body of the company rather than a limb.


Vintage tech has become an increasingly large craze over the last decade with even more interest by the day.

Check out the YouTube channel to find out more and have a sneak peek into the processes and projects involved at CMOSS. This includes project Diary's / Updates and Tutorials.

CMOSS hopes to show ways of restoring and modifying old loved tech for a better experience within the modern world, giving them a whole new life, bringing out the classics you love in a way you would have never once expected.

Top Projects

Atari 130 Xe 

Restoration And Repair Project


This is an Atari 130 XE that was brought to us. It had a famous RAM memory issue that prevents these machine from booting. This included RAM chip and memory bank select chip replacement. The case was also cleaned and the keyboard whitened, to give a more new and original look. We then tested this computer with its built in tools and through example programs, included within the manual.

Project Show Room
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