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Computer System
Projects, Tutorials and More

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Robotics Projects

My Projects

Robotics is a great way to combine many engineering disciplines

including Electronics, Programming, Mechanics and more.

Check out my range of robotics projects covering:


  • Robot Arms

  • Hacked Vintage Toys

  • Roving Robots

  • Custom Designs

Vintage Tech

My Projects

Vintage tech is a brilliant way to demonstrate changes in tech.

This ranges from the games you play to the components you solder.

In this section of the site I show my own restoration projects and well as tips and tricks to help you with your own.


My Projects

Aside from Robotics, my next passion is cars, especially classics.

One major overlooked area of cars is the Electronics within.


I hope to shed light on how the electronics in cars have changed over time, how they work, what they do, how they go wrong and how to fix them when they do.

This section includes projects, tips and tricks.


My Projects

Space is a vast new frontier we know very little about.

I aim to catch a glimpse on my camera, through using my telescope and related projects.

This section includes stories, projects and reviews.

Online Games

My Projects

One thing I like more than playing games, is making them!

In this section I bring you along my journey of hobby game creation, making games inspired by tutorials and my own design.

This includes playable games, projects, tips and tricks.

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