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This page is dedicated as a brief overview of what CMOSS

actually is and what we do. 



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What Is CMOSS?


CMOSS Electronics is a hobbyist website, soon to be startup specialising in the design, repair, and restoration of computer systems.

The team consists of computer engineering students with a deep interest in electronic and computer systems. Among us, we have experience in the automotive industry, website creation, robotics and more.

While our work focuses primarily on the repair of vintage computer and auto-electrical products, we aim to expand into all things computers, mechatronics, or any other interesting specialist systems. A  key example is a range of robotics kits we are currently developing.

As students, we are keen to show you the real-world applications of what we've learnt, and how they relate to our personal interests.

We hope this will benefit those who share our interest in computer systems, as well as anyone who wishes to gain an insight into the industry.

As well as this we are now producing an online museum. The content of this segment will consist of tech that we may restore or repair during our spare time where strip-down guides, key pieces of information and components breakdowns/listing should pose a useful resource for those interested in this area.




*We are currently focusing on growing our platform with the aim of being fully operational in the coming months.



Soon we expect to present a range of products on our store from items we have repaired to educational kits we design ourselves.

As well as this we plan to post pages on interesting tech-related news we have found as well as how-to guides for key engineering aspects in this field.

CMOSS was started with the aims to produce a website, with all the features, of essentially the dream website we would have wanted to view when we were starting out, and by adding content relating to what we learn both academically and extracurricular we believe we are getting closer to that by the day.

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