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Contribution Heroes !

Why not find out below how you can take part in the decision process at CMOSS, so our fans will see exactly what they want for a better viewing experience.

Your contributions are always seen as a great help at CMOSS. We love hearing back from supporters, from YouTube or any other social media we have ! this includes:

  • Ideas for what you would like to see videos on

  • Strange tech you would like us to review

  • What projects you would like to see next

And any other information you could give us so we show you exactly what you want. Through the means of online poles and other means, you can be involved by voting what you want to see next, choosing as a viewer what content will be produced on our show.​

Ways you can get involved :

  • Contact us Through Facebook.

  • Leave a comment on a YouTube Video.

  • Message us through Email.

  • Partake in various methods of voting through our different medias.

  • Contact us through Twitter.

Have Old Tech? Don't think it will sell?

Well don't throw it away ! Give us a shout !

We are always looking for cheep old tech to restore, and hate seeing old classics waste away not being used, whether that be in attics or just simply thrown away.


Well at CMOSS everything has a value ! And if were interested in what you have, we would love donations or to perhaps pay for tech depending on the price. ALSO ! All meaningful contributions and donations will be shown in the next relevant video if wished as a token of our appreciation.

Cant fix it ? Well don't skip it !

We even take in previously worked on computers too ! If we have the space we'll take it, even if it is mostly skip worthy we can still trip it for parts and use for casting, you would be surprised what can be used ! Below are some standard minimum prices we offer to computers we decide to take on, when we have the space, time and funds to accept them.

  • MSX - £20

  • Commodore 64 - £15

  • Acorn / BBC - £5 to £10 (Dependent On Model)

  • Sinclair  - £5 to £10 (Dependent On Model)

Money Donations:

As well as physical donations, financial ones are more than appreciated and are a huge help at CMOSS. Money donations are what can help us afford budgets for projects you want to see on our show ! As well as what money we have, your contributions can help us have greater budgets to afford better projects and help us afford the parts and equipment we need. It will also help us keep producing our videos with better quality and allow us to start and finish projects sooner. This can be from anything from a few penny's to a few pounds, but every contribution helps. Have a look below at what projects we are saving for at the moment.

Help out ! Don't throw out!

This Page Is Not Finished And Is just A Concept.

Below is an example of various funding pages we would use ( not is use at this time )

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