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First Major PID Project

Using my 3D printer and knowledge of control systems from university to produce a ball balancing robot for revision Purposes.

Project Contents

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Only A Crude Sketch


The purpose of this project was to be a practical way to implement and revise what I have learned this year about Control Systems, more specifically concerning PID.

The goal was to start from a very crude sketch of literally the first idea I had, of something that would push the boundaries of my skills in some form of PID based desk toy. And from the picture above a very crude sketch, it was.

In essence, my idea was some form os simple ball balancing system, but with a twist. In this case, the twist being some form of dual PID system where the main system for balancing the ball will have a nested system containing a similar motor controller system as the PID Stepper Servo project.

Only A Crude Sketch
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