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Image by Markus Spiske

A journey, exploring genetic algorithms, in the attempt to create a digital world where virtual dinosaurs are free to explore and evolve.

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Have you ever wanted to create a world,
where dinosaurs of your own imagination are free to run wild?

Well, I have!


I decided to put my fascination of prehistoric creatures and computer systems skills to the test to create the ultimate genetic algorithm revision experiment.

Early on, it was aparent that this project was going to get very complicated very fast.

During my revision of Genetic Algorithms at university, I wanted to take my attention away from mathematical and electronic applications and explore more biological options.


Genetic Algorithms, are a mathematical approach of exploring, evaluating and developing solutions to a problem inspired by nature.


The power of Genetic algorithms allows for possible solutions to be found and developed very quickly compared to randomly searching for an answer, especially if there are too many combinations to explore. This allows for a problem that may take a year to search through every combination to otherwise be possibly solved in less than a day.

An example (soon to be) shown on this site is that of circuit optermisiation, where a problem is given but a solution is not known. Posible solutions generated by the application are further developed to produced better solutions, until an optimum solution is found or other criteria is met.

Considering that Genetic Algorithms are inspired by the natural evolution of nature, such as gene sharing, genetic mutation and nactural selection, a recent trip to a fossil shop on holiday inspired me to apply this to one of the most famous and apparent cases of evolution in history, Dinosaurs.

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