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3D Planes 2


3D Planes 2.png

In this page, I will be introducing the basics of multiple planes in a Three Dimensional System. This topic will become apparent later in the series in regards to frames and managing the positions of robotic joints.

As mentioned in the previous page, a Plane is an imaginary surface that is produced between two perpendicular axes. Each plane is also named with its corresponding axes labels.

The below animation shows a basic representation of multiple planes in a 3D System.

3d planes.gif

Planes cannot just reside between connecting axes but can also be extruded along an axis passing through the plane. Planes can also be produced offset or rotated in relations to other planes in other circumstances, for example in use with CAD.

The concept of extrusion is that a plane can be copied or moved, such as by pushing or pulling, and can be used to manipulate profile on a plane. This is usefull in CAD as it can be used with a 2D profile to produce a 3D shape.


A profile, mentioned in more depth later, is a system of points along a plane to create a 2D geometric shape. The number of points in a profile can sometimes be considered infinite when producing a solid shape such as a line.

The animation below shows some basic examples of planes being extruded along passing axes.

plane extrusion.gif

When producing an object in CAD, a plane can be selected in order to create a profile. The image below shows planes able to be chosen in the application Autodesk Fusion 360.

plane selectio fusion 360.JPG

The following image shows an example of a profile produced in the same package. This will be talked about further in the next page.

2d profile.JPG

A quick summary of planes so far can be seen in the animation below.

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